2021 UTILITY POLICIES, RATES AND FEES: Effective February 1, 2021

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Resident members were elected to govern HHWSD District. The Board has authority to adopt and amend Rules and Regulations pursuant to CRS 32-1-1001(1). The current Directors are:


Tania Ertl Secretary 6691 Lakeview Dr. Tania@hhwsd.org
Dave Foss President 1185 Westview Dr. fossdw@yahoo.com
Emelita Gagne Director 1461 Westview Drive emelitagemma411@gmail.com
Michael Waggoner Director 930 Crestmoor Dr. waggonem@hotmail.com
David Williams Vice President 1069 Crestmoor Dr argus56@frii.com

DISTRICT MANAGER: The Board has contracted with a District Manager who is responsible for billing, accounting, budget submission, statutory filings and general business of the District. Questions and problems regarding billing, water, sewer, and general business should be directed to the Manager, Cade Bertrand 720-432-6322 or Cade@prevelantanalytical.com. For Water and Sewer problems or questions after hours please contact the City of Boulder at: 303-413-7100 & 303-441-3245.

BOARD MEETINGS: Meetings are held monthly via zoom: https://us04web.zoom/j/4915934395 meeting ID: 491 593 4395 or One tap mobile 4915934395# beginning at 6:45 p.m. The meetings are open to the public and will take place on the following dates: 1/19/2021, 2/15/2021, 3/16/2021, 4/20/2021, 5/19/2021, 6/15/2021, 7/20/2021, 8/17/2021, 9/22/2021, 10/19/2021, 11/16/2021, 12/21/2021

FEES FOR SERVICE: The Board determines water and sewer fees to the homeowners based on the charges from the City of Boulder for water and sewer to the District and current year operating expenses. The charges from the City of Boulder for water will increase 8% and sewer 5% in 2021.

TIER 1 USAGE 1,000 - 8,999 Gallons $2.85 per thousand gallons
TIER 2 USAGE 9,000 - 22,999 Gallons $4.77 per thousand gallons
TIER 3 USAGE 23,000 - 44,999 Gallons $8.59 per thousand gallons
TIER 4 USAGE 45,000 - 59,999 Gallons $12.40 per thousand gallons
TIER 5 USAGE 60,000 and over $20.91 per thousand gallons
SEWER FEE   $67.47

Note: The increase in usage rates by Tier is designed to encourage conservation.

BILLING PROCEDURES: Bills are mailed on the first week of each month. Payment is due in full by the end of the month. A $35.00 fee is assessed for all Non-Sufficient Funds checks submitted to the District.

1. Any account that is past due for fees, penalties, charges, or costs shall incur a $1.00 per month non-payment penalty and a late charge of 1.5% per month.
2. Property owners shall be responsible for all costs of collecting unpaid fees, penalties, or charges; including fees for discontinuing and reinstating service and attorney's fees.
3. The District may discontinue service to any property for which the account is past due after the Manager has given a Courtesy Notice at 60 days (which will be included with the water & sewer invoice) and Final written notice by U.S. mail to the resident of the property at 90 days. At the time the Final Notice is mailed a $30 late fee shall be charged to the account. Outstanding accounts will be given one Courtesy Notice; with all future Notices being considered Final Notices with the accompanying $30.00 Final Notice fee. Once Notice is given, partial payments will not be accepted.
4. When utility connection is disconnected, there will be a Shut Off fee of $75 and an additional Restoration of Service fee of $100. Service may be reinstated by payment of the shut off fee, restoration fee and any and all past due amounts (Penalties and late charges will still accrue while utility connection is disconnected.)
5. All Water Base Charges and Sewer Fee will accrue while utility is disconnected
6. It is an option of the Board of Directors to certify the delinquent accounts to the County Treasurer for collection along with taxes. Such accounts may then be collected by the County and the proceeds distributed to the District. CRS 32-1-1101(1)(e)

SPECIAL METER READS, TRANSFER FEE & FINAL BILLING: Contact the District Manager and provide the name of the new owner or responsible part and address to send the final bill. Charges will be prorated to the date of effective change.
*The fee for Special Meter readings shall be $100.
*The transfer fee for changing the name of the occupant/responsible party is $25.
*The fee for preparing documents for Title Companies; which includes reading the meter, preparing the final bill and changing ownership shall be $125.
*Please note that the Board may file property liens with Boulder County for unpaid water and sewer charges.

LINE RESPONSIBLITY: All water-main maintenance is the District's responsibility. Sewer main-line is maintained by the City of Boulder. All service lines are the responsibility of the owner. Water service lines extend from the meter to the house. Sewer service lines extend from the sewer main-line to the house.

EASEMENTS: Easements exist for access to the water and sewer lines. These easements are noted on your Improvement Survey. Please note their location and insure their access.

ACCESS: Homeowners are responsible for providing unobstructed 24-hour access to all water meters and sewer manholes for maintenance without prior notice. For sewer maintenance large equipment must be able to reach the manhole. Water lines must be accessible. If any easement is obstructed, special access arrangements must be made with the District by the homeowner. The District is not responsible for restoring improvements on easements. Easements should be kept clear of vegetation and any other materials that could damage sewer lines. Particular attention should be given to trees and their roots. Maintenance of the easement is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

1. Permits must be obtained from the City of Boulder to connect or change any connection to the wastewater main. No unauthorized person shall tap or connect to any part of the wastewater utility.
2. No person shall deposit in any part of the wastewater utility any substance that would tend to contaminate or interfere with the bacterial action in the treatment process, (e.g., oils, grease, poisons, acids, or caustics).
3. Failure to adhere to sewer policies could result in legal action or discontinuance of service.
4. The District adheres to the codes, rules, and regulations of the City of Boulder. See Boulder Revised Code, Title 11 Utilities and Airport, Chapter 2, Wastewater Utility.

1. All meters must be set by the City of Boulder or HHWSD.
2. It is the owner's responsibility to keep the meter pit level with the ground and to maintain at least 3 feet of unobstructed access surrounding the meter and 5 feet of vertical clearance above the meter pit.
3. Meter damage due to apparent negligence by the owner or his agent will be the owner's liability and the cost of repair will be at the owner's expense.
4. No person shall tamper or interfere with any meter or meter seal or so arrange water service or piping so that the meter will not record the usage of water.
5. No person shall make any tap or install any device or plumbing connection within the meter pit.
6. The District shall maintain, test, and repair all meters as required. Any leak around the meter should be reported to the Manager.
7. Failure to adhere to these policies may force the District to hire contractors to amend the failure. Costs of the repair will be added to the homeowner's water charges. (However, notice will be sent prior to hiring the contractors and 30 days will be allowed to correct the situation.) Violating any of these policies could result in legal action or discontinuance of service.

: All fire hydrants are the property of the District and shall be tested and maintained by the District. The area to the fire hydrant must be unobstructed, and at least 5 feet surrounding hydrant must be unobstructed. No person other than the District's authorized personnel or the fire department shall open or operate the hydrant.

SPRINKLER SYSTEMS: An improperly installed sprinkler system is a potential health hazard to the entire District. All sprinkler systems are required to have an anti-siphon valve installed to prevent water from backing up from the sprinklers into the water-mains in case pressure is lost in the water-main.

HHWSD is responsible for protecting the public water system from contamination due to backflow occurrences through its distribution system and water service connections in accordance with CDPHE Regulation 11. HHWSD needs the assistance and the cooperation of the public to ensure this responsibility is met and may request access to a property or facility to conduct an on-site cross-connection control audit. HHWSD requires the installation of a containment assembly on commercial property service lines. Failure to comply with installation, maintenance, and annual testing requirements of the HHWSD or City Of Boulder's Cross-Connection Control Section may result in suspension of service. Boulder Revised Code 11-1-13 will be used to determine the if an assembly is required and Code 11-1-25 will serve as the basis for selecting the method to control a cross connection.


Tap fee payment required by the District’s Policies:


Application form: Tap Application Form