A note from the board on reserves for capital improvements: Reserves for future capital improvements have been allocated by the Hoover Hill Water and Sanitation District. Improvements may include upgrades, repair and replacement of water and sewer lines and the lift station. Reserves are also allocated for emergency repairs. At the present time, the Board of Directors has made a decision that there are adequate, readily accessible, financial reserves.

The Board elected to postpone the replacement project scheduled for the summer of 2021. The contractor bids received through Scott Cox and Associates were significantly higher than the budgeted funding for the project. The project is postponed until 2023 when we have additional funding.

2022 update: Construction prices are still prohibative and we are working with contractors to see if a flexible schedule would enable a more favorable bid.

HHWSD is working to replace most of the water meters through the end of 2022. Over 121 meters have been replaced. We continue to run into issues with meters buried under landscaping. We may have to replace some meter pits that are no longer accessable to complete the meter replacement project.